People Decide shakes up the entire system to give the power back to the voter

How it works

People Decide is a participatory democracy online voting platform and political party that enables you to vote on, create and contribute to national laws and local government decisions in Australia, as they happen.

We’re independent

We run as Independents because that is the way democracy was conceived - there were no parties.

In the People Decide system you don’t vote for a party. You vote only on what you want, and what you don’t want, regarding specific issues that are important to you.

You can vote directly on Bills (laws) and decisions in Federal and State Parliament and Council when they require a vote using the People Decide Website and Mobile App. You will have plenty of time to think about your decision and you can change your vote as much as you want while the Bills are being debated. Voting is not compulsory and only one vote per person is allowed.

Importantly, elected People Decide representatives are contracted to vote with the majority of their electorate irrespective of their own opinion.


Safe online live voting

You vote online at any time from anywhere. All the information you may need to inform your decision will be at your fingertips and you’ll be able to see live results as they happen. Our open-source software can be scrutinised and securely assessed.

People will become better informed

When you vote on an issue rather than a personality, you have more awareness of the impact of your decision. This builds education and engagement. When we get it wrong we learn from it and will even motivate apathetic voters.

Before you vote on a law you must read about it. This may be in the form of two summaries; one for, and one against, developed by the people, using wiki technology.

Laws are often debated for months and may be voted on twice, giving you lots of time to read up about them and adjust your vote if you want to.

It’s already being done

In Switzerland they have been doing something similar for centuries, and interestingly, voted to both increase and decrease taxes depending on what was needed at the time.

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So how can you help?

Laws are in place already to make the People Decide vision a reality, we just need to be elected. So firstly we need you to Vote 1 for your People Decide candidate at elections. It has to be a ‘1’ because we are trying to change the system, so we need to get your vote ahead of the established parties.

To make this happen YOU MUST vote ‘1’ for your Independent People Decide candidate.

To ensure your vote is valid you must remember to number all the boxes in order of your choice on the ballot paper.

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Working within the current system

Your People Decide representative is contracted to vote with the simple majority of voters in your electorate. If no one votes, they vote with the majority of voters in the level of government they are in.

People Decide representatives may have ideas they wish to draft a law on. For example, we will be pushing to enshrine a human rights charter in the Australian Constitution and/or Act in Qld. In response to Adani, Karel is keen to strengthen environmental laws for such projects. At the end of the day though, they must always vote with the majority of their electorate.

If the government tries to rush a law through in less than 6 weeks, People Decide will automatically vote against it unless there is a sunset clause ensuring it expires after 90 days.

The Australian Constitution cannot be changed by the People Decide model. People Decide will automatically vote for Supply and Confidence Bills and against Bills advocating pre-emptive strikes to war.

IMPORTANT: Some participatory democracy groups allow you to trade your vote with others. This means responsibility is passed to one individual or a group of individuals and votes can be stacked by lobby groups with vested interests. This cannot happen with our model.