2018 Morningside council by-election
2017 Queensland State Election
2016 Griffith Federal Election
2016 Brisbane City Council Election
2015 Queensland State Election
2014 Griffith by-election

2018 Morningside council by-election

Angus Jell is running as an Independent on the People Decide platform in the Morningside council by-election.

2017 Queensland State Election

We ran three candidates. Anita and Angus's results were good for their second and first attempts respectively. Karel's results did not increase in South Brisbane when they should of.

In 2017 after five elections in the South Brisbane area. The PD vote kept increasing until the last. It was the first election PD gave it a go, door-knocking in the electorate had covered the majority of it, PD spent some money, the model was refined and the campaign more professional. The vote should have at least increased marginally, however, it did not.

The reasons for this:

This caused a significant review of PD. PD may pop-up at any time, new and revised, in a different area, new team/collaboration/partnerships and/or different/changes for candidates.

2016 Griffith Federal Election

Saturday 2nd July 2016

The final result is now in and we got 1.6%, we are happy with this because it reflects the time and energy we put in it.

In August we will fully migrate to our new voting system. You will need to reset your password the first time you log in to it.

Please tell us if you are interested in being a member of the People Decide party and/or volunteering prior to or at the next election, it would help us?

Thursday 23rd June 2016

Launch of our new voting system

You’re invited to help us change the world!

Yes, we know it sounds like a big call but this time it’s absolutely true; if our new participatory democracy system is taken up in Australia, the world will change, and for the better!

Introducing government without the politics. Yes, it’s possible!


Now imagine that you could do all this from the comfort of your home using a simple app. Eventually there’d be no need to visit a polling booth, and no need to vote at all if you don’t wish to. In our system, voting is non-compulsory. It also has built-in controls to ensure the rules cannot be breached.

New laws, decisions and voting results will be streamed through our unique website and app that allows you, or anyone who is interested, to become informed about developments in the law making arena.

The greatest thing about this is that it has the potential to completely change and improve our society. The more responsibility people have, the more they consider their decisions and the more informed they become.

The system educates by building engagement. If a Bill gets in that voters don’t want, they can’t blame the politicians any more. Voters will consider their vote more carefully next time. Voters who did not vote will consider voting.

When people make a decision that is tangible, and they can see the outcome, research shows they will spend more time considering their decisions.

Find out more by joining us at the

Official People Decide Voting System Launch

7pm - Thursday 23rd June at Little Prince Cafe,

8 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba. Drinks/nibbles provided.

If you don’t come you won’t be able to tell your grandkids that you were there when we began to change the world!

2016 Brisbane City Council Election

Tuesday 5th April 2016


We are happy with our results from the Brisbane City Council Election. The mayoral results were good and expected, there were a couple of local booths we hoped to do better in, however it is generally representative of the work we put in, maybe we wrongly calculated the donkey vote from last time.

Karel got 5,195 votes for Mayor in Brisbane, the figure of People Decide is slightly higher because we didn't hand out how-to-vote cards which meant some people voted for Leon and Grigory but not Karel. We got close to 4% in booths we targeted and 2% where we ran a candidate.

Highlights include the ABC and Town Hall the mayoral debates, and interviews with People Decide candidates Karel, Leon and Grigory on 4ZZZ.

Snippet of the Town Hall mayoral debate

Listen to interview of People Decide candidates on 4ZZZ


Our IT system is making headway.

We launched our electric car and had it driving around for the election.

We launched People Decide YouTube channel.

Friday 26th February 2016

Launch Mobile Voting Demonstration Unit

Launch Mobile Voting Demonstration Unit

Tuesday 16th February 2016

BIG NEWS! People Decide running for Mayor and 2 Councillors

People Decide is running for Mayor and 2 Councillors in the 2016 Brisbane City Council Elections.

Candidate for Mayor


Karel Boele

Karel ran in the 2015 Queensland State Election for South Brisbane and in the 2014 Griffith by-election.

He runs a business providing advice on community currencies and participatory democracy. He managed the development of legislation in the financial sector in Asia to create more transparency and accountability.

Karel enjoys nature, gardening and sport.

For more info Karel Boele's profile

Candidate for The Gabba


Leon Lechner

Leon has lived in south Brisbane for 16 years of his life.

After meeting Karel he discovered a story he wanted to share. The creation of online democracy that we can all participate in. Real democracy where the people decide, not politicians. A democracy where people can vote directly on issues. No party politics, hidden deals and ulterior motives. Voting directly on issues you care about with the click of a button.

Leon is an entrepreneur, he has founded numerous startups and received a grant from the University of Queensland for one startup.

He has been a model and actor, including for 3 years in Latin America.

Leon has also worked in event planning, recruitment for the banking sector and debt collection.

He now manages his own business in hospitality in West End.

Candidate for Coorparoo

Grigory Graborenko

Grigory Graborenko

Grigory is a software developer.

He obtained his Bachelor's in Science with a major in Computer Science. He has worked in both industrial software engineering as well as web development, with almost 20 years of programming experience.

An avid fan of history, his curiosity about why egalitarian models of government have failed in the past has led him to the concept of participatory democracy.

He believes that expanding the voice of the people is the only thing that will end the stagnation and corruption currently ailing western democracies.

Other candidates

Anita Diamond

Anita ran in the 2015 Queensland State Election for Indooroopilly and recently moved to Dinmore. She is considering running for the 2016 Federal Election.

Monday 30th November 2015

Laura Street Festival!

People Decide and Karel Boele had a wonderful time at the Laura Street Festival many people and lovely atmosphere.

Laura street festival

Saturday 31st October 2015

People Decide trialed version 2 of the voting platform at its first demonstration stand in West End, Brisbane.


Thursday 6th August 2015

A nice photo of Karel Boele meeting a resident while door-knocking.

Karel Boele door-knocking

Saturday 14th March 2015

Dinner and drinks with candidates Karel Boele, Anita Diamond and Elizabeth Woollard and others.

Dinner and drinks

2015 Queensland State Election

Tuesday 10th February 2015

Results are in! 

Karel Boele got the highest independent vote in 15 years in South Brisbane 3.22% or 930 votes. 

Karel results

(snippet from ecq.qld.gov.au)

Anita Diamond in Indooroopilly got 1.85% or 490 votes for a first time which is very good. 

Anita results

(snippet from ecq.qld.gov.au)

We are keen for the next election.

Friday 30th January 2015

Vote 1 BOELE, Karel if you are a voter in South Brisbane and DIAMOND, Anita if you are a voter in Indooroopilly.

Great Politics in the Pub night on whether we have representation in parliament and need for democratic reforms with candidates for South Brisbane, many questions and debate.

Wednesday 28th January 2015


Wednesday 21st January 2015

Kurilpa candidate forum

Listen to Karel at the Kurilpa Candidate Fourm on SoundCloud.

Monday 19th January 2015

Great article about Karel, People Decide and participatory democracy in the Westender http://westender.com.au/know-candidate-karel-boele-qldvotes2015/

Tuesday 13th January 2015

Karel Boele and Anita Diamond nominated as independent candidates for South Brisbane and Indooroopilly in the 2015 QLD State election respectively. If elected Karel and Anita will vote with the people on laws in Parliament when a quorum of voters vote through the internet on a law with a clear majority. Both Karel and Anita are at the top of the ballot paper.

Karel Boele will be at the Candidates forum for South Brisbane 6:30pm Wednesday 21st January at Souths League Club organised by the Kurilpa Futures Campaign Group (KFCG).

Elizabeth Woollard was also intending to nominate as an independent candidate but work commitments prevented her from doing so.

Friday 21st November 2014

People Decide announces that Karel Boele and Elizabeth Woollard will run as independent candidates on the People Decide platform in the 2015 Queensland State Election for South Brisbane and Redcliffe respectively.

Wednesday 12th November 2014

We reached over 1000 members recently, progress behind the scenes is going very well, we should have an announcement about the state election soon.

2014 Griffith by-election

Tuesday 11th March 2014

We have decided not to run candidates in the Senate re-election in Western Australia. We have not found the right candidate and would have to run multiple independents to get above the line on the ballot paper which sends a mixed message. We will be there next time!

Thursday 20th February 2014

WA Senate election to be called again

It looks like an election in WA for the federal Senate will be called again!

Tuesday 18th February 2014

Declaration of Poll!

Karel Boele ran as a independent in the Griffith by-election on the People Decide platform. A platform where people vote on Bills in Parliament directly through the Internet, and if elected, Karel is contracted to vote with the majority of the people.

A targeted campaign was put together in December 2013, focusing in three areas.

The campaign went well, many wonderful people pledged their support and volunteers put up their hand. Karel presented at two 'meet the candidates' forums and was well received.

We touched around one thousand people and got over five hundred votes, great results.


(snippet from AEC website)

Thank you to everyone.

Saturday 8th February 2014

Election Day!

Karel Boele and PeopleDecide only candidate contracted to vote with the people, where ordinary Australians get to vote directly on the laws being made in parliament and Karel Boele has to vote with the majority of the people on them.

Comment from our supporters "nice work. Great effort. Discussed your platform with friends. General consensus is you Hold the key to future democracy."

Vote 1 Karel Boele, place the number 1 in the box next to BOELE, Karel and place the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in the other boxes in the order of your choice.

Friday 7th February 2014

 Karel Boele PeopleDecide T-Shirt

Karel Boele PeopleDecide shirt army has arrived :)

Thursday 6th February 2014

Interview with Karel Boele on 612 ABC by Steve Austin with other candidates.

Wednesday 5th February 2014

Great Griffith candidate forum tonight in West End, lively Qs & As, debate and discussion, 10 candidates including major parties in attendance.

Karel Boele outlined PeopleDecide participatory democracy model and need for more community engagement in front of an audience of over 100, and numerous TV and radio stations, and newspapers. He spoke about the need to diversify currencies, particularly the need for community currencies.

Karel also had an interview with Steve Austin 612 ABC Brisbane.

Monday 3rd February 2014

Karel Boele PeopleDecide ACL forum 140203

Karel Boele presented and answered Qs on his candidature, experience and PeopleDecide at ACL forum tonight, good Qs, informed debate.

Friday 31st January 2014

great article! about Karel Boele, candidate in the Griffith by-election, and PeopleDecide in No Fibs and Westender.

Sunday 26th January 2014

Karel Boele decides to give no preferences. Part of the Karel Boele how-to-vote card.

How-to-Vote PeopleDecide

Friday 17th January 2014

Karel Boele declared independent candidate for the Griffith by-election 2014 by AEC. Make sure you put a "1" next to Karel Boele on the ballot paper and then put the numbers 2 to 11 in the other boxes in the order you would like.

Friday 20th December 2013

Everything is going very well with our preparation - we will start working on promoting PeopleDecide in other ways, such as: social media, after the holiday period.

Monday 10th December 2013

Karel Boele reached the required 100+ signatures to run as an independent candidate in Griffith on the PeopleDecide platform.