We aim to create a more representative, stable and effective Australian government

The People Decide system lets you vote on, create and contribute to national laws and local government decisions in Australia, as they happen.

There are no compromises - you don’t vote for a party with the vague hope of a good outcome. You get to vote on what you want, and what you don’t want, regarding matters that are important to you.


People Decide enables you to vote on Bills (laws) and decisions being voted on in Federal and State Parliament and Council, in real-time. You don't vote once a year, you vote only on issues that you want to vote on, and only when those issues become bills that require a vote. You will have plenty of time to think about your decision and you can change your vote as much as you want while Bills are being debated.

Elected People Decide representatives are contracted to vote with the majority of their electorate irrespective of their own opinion.

Safe online live voting

The People Decide Website and Mobile App enables you to vote online at any time from anywhere on any tabled Bill.

For more information see 'How it works'