Karel Boele

MSA (ANU), BE Hons Phys, BA (Syd)


Karel is PeopleDecide® founder and Party Leader. He ran as an Independent for South Brisbane in the 2017 and 2015 Queensland State Elections, Griffith in the 2016 Australian Federal Election and 2014 by-election, and Mayor in the 2016 Brisbane City Council Election.

Karel has been involved in the participatory democracy environment in Australia for the past 15 years. Researching, developing and managing numerous participatory democracy political parties and projects.

He founded and manages his business, Jnana® Australia, since 2010.

Jnana designs and implements international economic and political solutions, to facilitate greater happiness and sustainability in society. It specialises in complementary currencies and participatory democracy.

During this time Karel has and continues to manage the development and provision of software, mobile apps and support for government Timebanking projects in urban and rural areas. Timebanking is where members of a community record the hours they help in the community and exchange those hours for help from others.

He also managed EcoDirectory Australia an online directory for environmentally friendly products and services.

Prior to this Karel lived in Cambodia, managing the development of the regulations for the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, rules for the stock exchange, rules for a dealers association and wider legislative change.

The project needed the implementation of accounting standards, a Real-time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) and Trust law, increasing transparency and accountability, and solutions for a dual-currency economy.

He was also lead negotiator and designer of the project.

Karel has lived in Canberra working for an AusAID-funded international development NGO and travelled Australia campaigning for Amnesty International Australia. During university, in addition to his plasma physics research, he had one of Albert Einstein's colleagues as a supervisor which lead to a special project into an interpretation of quantum mechanics.

He represented Australia as a performer in the handover ceremony at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA.

He lived solo in the wilderness and taught meditation courses.

In his spare time he enjoys working in his organic garden, going to the wilderness, dinner parties and working on personal development.


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