Leon Lechner

Independent Candidate for McConnel and The Gabba



Leon ran for Councillor for The Gabba ward in the 2016 Brisbane City Council Election. He has lived in South Brisbane for 16 years.

After meeting Karel, Leon discovered a story he wanted to share - the creation of an online democracy we can all participate in. Real democracy where the people decide, not politicians. A democracy where people can vote directly on issues. No party politics, hidden deals and ulterior motives. Voting directly on issues you care about with the click of a button.

Leon is an entrepreneur. He has founded numerous startups and received a grant from the University of Queensland for one.

He has been a model and actor, including for 3 years in Latin America.

Leon has also worked in event planning, recruitment for the banking sector and debt collection.

He now manages his own business in hospitality on Roma St.