Voter Contract

Deed Poll

To: Registered Voters on the Australian Electoral Roll verified on PD Websites in the Electorate I am nominated to run as The Candidate for Election (“PD Voters”)

1. Background

1.1 I am running as The Candidate using the PD Websites for Election to the Parliament of Australia, Parliaments of State or Territory Governments of Australia or Local Government.

1.2 PD Websites allow PD Voters to vote online on legislation or decisions I have to make in Parliament. It requires The Candidate who is elected as an MP to vote with PD Voters in Parliament in accordance with the PD Constitution. 

2. Deed

2.1 I agree to vote on Bills in Parliament in accordance with the votes by PD Voters through PD Websites as described by the PD Constitution, Deed Poll, PD Website Terms and Conditions, and PD Representative Contract for the duration of my time as an MP.

3. Interpretation

3.1 Australian Electoral Roll means the Australian Commonwealth Electoral Roll.

3.2 Bills and Issues means Bills and other instruments, if there are other instruments not considered bills, submitted to and voted on in Parliament.

3.3 Clause means a clause in the Deed Poll.

3.4 Councillors means persons who sit in Local Council and vote on legislation.

3.5 Deed Poll means this document the People Decide Deed Poll. 

3.6 Election means an election run to elect representative/s to Parliament.

3.7 Electorate means geographically defined areas represented by a single elected MP in Parliament.

3.8 Local Council means the local government chamber where legislation is passed.

3.9 MP-elects means elected or nominated individuals yet to be sworn in MPs.

3.10 MP means Members of Parliament, Senators or Councillors of Parliament.

3.11 Reference to a word includes the singular and the plural of the word and vice versa. 

3.12 Parliament means the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Parliaments of State or Territory Governments of Australia or Local Council.

3.13 PD Constitution means the People Decide Constitution.

3.14 PD MP means PD or Independent MPs that have signed a contract that Registered Voters can vote on Bills being debated in Parliament and they will vote in Parliament in accordance with Registered Voters as described in the PD Constitution and PD Website Terms and Conditions.

3.15 PD Representative Contract means the contract signed between PD MPs, MP-elects and The Candidate using PD Websites to work together in Parliament.

3.16 PD Websites means People Decide endorsed websites and apps.

3.17 PD Website Terms and Conditions means the PD Websites Terms and Conditions.

3.18 Registered Voter means registered electors that can be verified on the Australian Electoral Roll.

3.19 The Candidate means the candidate for Election to Parliament signing this Deed Poll.


Signed as a Deed Poll


sworn by me ................................................................ (name of candidate) 


on the .................................. day of ............................. (month) .20....(year).